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Make your guests’ stay more comfortable and memorable with our smart solutions and reach a greater level of personalization, improve operational efficiency, reduce your costs. With just one app…
Let’s shape the future of hospitality together!

Hotelify is the first smart hotel management system providing complete services combined with a smart home solution, which covers the entire hotel stay from booking to departure with state of the art digitalization. Whether it’s a hotel, aparthotel, apartment or a guesthouse, we have a solution for you.

Guests can download the application before making a reservation, and can access a number of services even before arrival. Guests can book a massage or set room temperature in the app even on the way to the hotel. With the smart functions of Hotelify, a lot of comfort services become available, which make the days spent in the hotel even more perfect. After check-out, the app remains installed on the guests’ devices to communicate upcoming promotions and offers.

Our hotel management system is complex, because…

1. It provides various smart services in the entire hotel, so guests even leaving their
rooms can experience the huge benefits a smarthotel can bring. Express check-in/check-out, various F&B functions (table reservation, ordering food and drinks directly from the app, room service, waiter call system), checking real-time account balance, ordering cleaning the room, registering technical issues, chat with the reception are all serving guest satisfaction.

2. It uses cutting-edge smart home solutions for the highest achievable level of comfort in the rooms. Guests can access heating and cooling control, shading and lighting control remotely from their own devices.

3. The system does not function for the comfort of guests alone, but smart solutions and detailed reports also make all operations more efficient and easier to manage.

Nowadays recreation is the utmost luxury we can get. It plays a crucial role in reducing stress, improving mental and physical health. Once we can afford to rest for a few days, we want to live every moment of it in the highest level of comfort and calmness. Hotels of tomorrow has nothing else to do but exploit this demand offering guests a new quality of recreation. Our smart solutions will lend you a helping hand to achieve these goals.

Our aim is to digitalize and automate all hotel room functions and services at the highest level in order to enhance guest experience, secure a simpler and more rapid way of communications, support personnel management and reduce operational costs.

You only need a single application to have full access of everything in your hotel!

Smart room functions personalized to guests’ needs

Thanks to our hasty life, guests today need more than a comfy bed and neat interior to break away from the daily routine for some time. Our smart functions offer comfort and services with a control of details to make your stay at the hotel a perfect experience.

Keyless/cardless room entry

Thanks to mobile phone room entry, there is no need for key or card any more, but cards are still supported. Guests can have admission to the wellness area, fitness room and other hotel areas with their own mobile phones.

Heating and cooling control

Smart heating and cooling control optimizes consumption while adapting to the guest’s needs. Thanks to the remote access provided by the app, upon arrival guests can enter the room at the desired and pre-set temperature.

Lighting control

Instead of a sea of switches, the smart system uses lighting scenes that the guest can even personalize. Set warm lights to welcome you when you arrive, and there are coloured LED lights available to give your room a romantic atmosphere. Floors lamps can be connected to the system to make lighting even more complex. As you can control all features from your mobile, you do not need to walk to the switches every now and then.

Shading control

Curtains and/or shutters that can be controlled from a mobile phone add a different quality to the start or end of the day. The elements of the smart system communicate with each other, so while the curtains are slowly opening and the morning light fills the room, a soft wake-up music plays, while the lights turn on according to a preset scene.

Night mode

At the end of the day, with pressing a button in the application, the curtains are drawn and the lights are switched off. The new environment should not cause any difficulties even at night, when the guest goes to the bathroom: dimmed lights switch on automatically to show the way.

Safety features

Even the best vacation can be ruined by a tap left open or a window left open during a summer thunderstorm. To prevent it, the system can automatically cut the main water valve or close the windows.

Smart hotel functions for guest comfort and more efficient operation

Hotelify and its smart hotel system makes your stay more comfortable in the entire hotel. With smart functions, you can save time and provide extra comfort services to guests, who leave – and return – more satisfied thanks to smoother administration. Employees’ work can also be much more efficient and effective thanks to more transparent processes and more available information.


PMS-integrated room reservations can also be initiated from the application, and reservations from OTAs or the hotel’s own sales channels can also be added to the application. It is possible to pay in advance with a bank card or bank card authorization. The time interval of the reservation is automatically saved in the calendar.

Express check-in, express check-out

The check-in and check-out process has never been easier and faster, as the guest can take the necessary steps at home. It is possible to scan the documents in advance and send the required data for check-in.

The bill can be paid from the application, and in case of successful payment, the guest does not need to appear at the reception during the check-out. The fact of the check-out is of course automatically recorded in the PMS system.

Account balance monitoring

During the stay at the hotel, the account balance can be continuously monitored in real time, so the guest is not challenged of the actual expenses upon leave.

Room service, do not disturb, make up my room

The guest can order cleaning or room service to their room more quickly and flexibly. After eating the food, you can give the staff a signal via the app that you are finished, and the plates and glasses can be taken away. When cleaning the room, thanks to the status tracking, guests can track the current state of their room even from afar.

‘Do not disturb’ signs are no longer needed, as the light above the door takes over this role.

Report technical issues

The guest can report the detected technical issues to the facility management in the application, the defect can be photographed.

Electronic approval system

There is no need to sign unnecessary bills any more. All the guest has to do is approve the amount after receiving the electronic confirmation.


Chat is already a part of our daily dose of communication. Why should guests go to the reception to register to an event or wellness service offered at the hotel? The chat conversation that can be started via the application speeds up communication between the reception and the guest.


Guests can review the hotel in a complex system. Hotels can use the data to improve the service quality.


From now on, the hotel will always be in the pocket of its guests, who can find out firsthand about the current promotions, so guests will be much more likely to return.

Operations module

Although the needs and comfort of the guest come first, the operation of the hotel is also made much easier by our smart system. The processes will become more transparent, more information will be available, so the operation of the hotel can be optimized. The work of employees can also be more efficient and effective, since they can follow requests within the application and react immediately.

Hotelify functions that help operational efficiency:

  • Management module for assigning and controlling tasks
  • Reporting minibar consumption from the application and recording consumption in the PMS system
  • Setting dirty/clean room status from the application, recording the status in the PMS system
  • Reporting technical issues
  • Tracking of guests’ needs
  • Incident tickets in the application from guests, housekeepers, managers
  • Confirmation of completed work and possibility to set different statuses
  • Management module for assigning and controlling tasks

A wide range of activity logging, comprehensive statistics and reports.


Along with the health and economic concerns in recent years, climate change is driving the world’s agenda. It’s essential that hotel managers find ways to address these issues — not only because it’s a moral imperative but it makes good business sense.

Sustainable management pays in terms of efficiency, brand loyalty and employee retention. Our energy efficiency solutions can play a key role in reducing ecological footprint and reducing costs.

energy efficiency

Nowadays, cooling/heating accounts for ~60% of energy consumption. Our solution is based around four pillars of energy efficiency. By the right implementation ~20% energy costs can be saved, based on earlier implementations.

Cooling and heating of rooms based on occupancy calendar.

Disconnection of unused consumers with presence sensors.

Vacant room temperature kept at specified value.

Limitation of minimum and maximum temperature in the application.


Connect your existing system with ease

Thanks to our strategic cooperation with the system-independent smart home expert Chameleon Nyrt, as well as the full integration with the international and Hungarian market-leading PMS and channel manager systems (HostWare, Oracle, Protel, D-edge), you can easily connect your existing system to the Hotelify application, which supports your daily operations with a high degree of digitization and sophisticated automation. Hotelify helps your devices work better and work together – so you can save time and money.

Easy access for guests

Guests can access every feature of any given room by their fingertips, without interacting with the staff. Room service, F&B functions, cleaning, wellness and even maintenance requests can be controlled via the app.


All guests and staff activity is logged and can be measured. The insights can be converted into actionable information, which enhances the business and customer experience.

Simplified management task

Hotelify makes the management of cleaning and maintenance more efficient for managers, and ensures quick feedback for guests regarding the tasks performed. With many automation functions your daily tasks can be even more easier.


Smart features when booking and before arrival, check-in
  • Booking in the application
  • Integrating bookings from OTAs
  • Integrating bookings from the hotel’s channels (website, manual reservations, etc.)
  • Prepayment options
    • Credit card payment with electronic invoice
    • Credit card authorization
    • Payment before arrival
  • Save bookings to online calendars
  • Listing of previous bookings with invoice amount


  • Scanning personal IDs for express check-in
  • Sending required guest information for check-in
  • Ordering extra services before arrival (massage, food & drink, etc.)
  • Sending push messages to guests before arrival (hotel information, arousing interest)


  • Express check-in by sending data of personal IDs
  • Receiving room numbers and access permissions from the PMS
  • Distributing room numbers among guests in the case of multi-room bookings
Smart functions in the hotel room
  • Open rooms from the application in accordance with authorizations
  • Turn on “Do Not Disturb” in the app
  • Order room service with status tracking
  • Order other services such as massage, out-of-house activities, taxi, etc.
  • Order services from the housekeeping with status tracking
  • Contact facility management in case of technical issues, status tracking, the issue can be photographed
  • Query actual account balance, taking into account the prepaid amount
  • Optimize heating and cooling, taking reserved rooms into account
  • Set temperature remotely before arrival
  • Set temperature remotely during the stay
  • Turn off heating and cooling in case of opened windows
  • Control shading systems remotely
  • Control lighting from the app using preset scenes (welcome lights, romantic and movie modes, evening and night lights with foot lights and motion detection)
  • Music in the guest room
  • Intelligent electronic outlet control
  • Flood detection with push notifications
Restaurant, F&B functions
  • Reserve table, e-ink displays with room number indicators
  • Order food and drink by the app
  • Signal to staff
  • Bill approval in the app
  • Payment through PMS
  • Food and drink order to wellness and spa locations
  • Display daily board and à la carte menu
Information sheets, messages, check-out
  • Chat with the reception
  • Ordering extra services (massage, out-of-house programs, food & drink, etc.)
  • Sending advertisements, activities and promotions by push messages
  • Sending messages immediately or on a schedule
  • Sending broadcast messages
  • Room information materials, maps, menus can be kept updated instead of frequent reprinting


  • Indicating late check-out demand
  • Payment by the application, taking into account the prepaid amount
  • Express check-out in case of successful payment, the guest does not need to appear at the reception
  • Signaling check-out to PMS
  • Saving temperature and lighting preferences of guests
Housekeeping and Facility Management
  • Cleaning Tracks for efficient workforce management
  • Management module for assigning and controlling tasks
  • Indicate minibar consumption by the app to PMS
  • Set dirty/clean room statuses to PMS
  • Send information to facility management about technical issues
  • Receive messages from guests
  • Receive tickets from guests, housekeeping, and managers in the app
  • Confirm resolved issues, or set other statuses
  • Management module for assigning and controlling tasks
Statistics, upsales
  • Get guest reviews automatically and evaluate them
  • Broad logging features, analyzing logs for improving service quality
  • Analyze the conversion rates of promotions and hotel programs
  • Build a guest database for newsletters and targeted messages
  • The app can be a vital part of the sales funnel
  • The application remains on the guest’s phone, guests can be accessed even after departure
Functions that can be implemented on request
  • Hotel chain function (branded app)
  • Adapting the user interface to the corporate ID
  • User interface light or dark theme
  • Send car plate numbers to automatic barrier openings
  • Automatic detection of room occupancy using a presence sensor, management alert
  • Smart wake-up with shading control and music
  • Siri voice control
  • Checking the occupancy of the restaurant and lobby bar
  • Determining the location of children in the application
  • Customization of management interfaces, reports, dashboard

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Unlock the true potential of your hotel with a fully digitalized guest experience.

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Unlock the true potential of your hotel with a fully digitalized guest experience.

Send us a message and we will get back to you.